Time to Be More Responsible


A major flipside of the growth in general workspace has been the opening up of an almost uncontrollable amount of channels. All of a sudden, the policies and programs, which have stayed in place for a long time now, no longer looked viable to accommodate the bustling atmosphere of today. The result was ineffective governance and unrest within the core sectors. It took them a while to notice it, but regulatory bodies are finally realizing what needs to be done. In their bid to catch up with the times, regulators are now using the same thing that turbo-charged these companies’ growth i.e. technology. Regulators’ investment in technology comes at a time when the organizations across different areas are increasingly using a tech-driven mix to carry out the essential chunk of their operations.

With the help of this investment, the governing bodies are back to keeping a meaningful eye at the industry players, but there are still some issues that are demanding to be ironed out before it’s too late. Due to growing burden on these regulatory bodies, not every aspect is receiving the kind of supervision it needs. One such aspect would be environmental compliance or in a more technical jargon, ESG. Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) has long stayed in and out of the limelight. Despite what little traction it has been given till date, the sheer lack of consideration towards integrating an environmental outlook into the companies’ operations is nothing short of alarming. Nevertheless, it feels like we are now actively steering ourselves towards the right direction, and this feeling is being driven by a recently-formed association between Diligent Corporation and Accuvio.

Last week, a global leader in SaaS GRC, Diligent Corporation announced a historic partnership with Accuvio, a giant of ESG data aggregation and reporting sphere. The partnership is understood to be inspired by the desire of offering ESG solutions by aggregating next-generation ESG data across government, risk, and compliance. The model of Diligent ESG outlines its plans to tap into multiple platforms and data sources, which then sequentially sets off automatic data collection that supplements the basis for a comparison with initial ESG objectives.

Accuvio, with their history of feeding ESG’s expansion, has an important role to play in this partnership. While it’s Diligent that will be providing the peripheral framework, Accuvio will be the one that delivers the software to prepare, track, and present key metrics that bring the companies in line with environmental compliance regulations and standards. An easy example of these metrics would be greenhouse emissions.


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