The New Lease of Life for Compliance

From the outside, the concept of complying with regulators’ impositions might look a lot simple and straightforward, but in reality, it’s different. In reality, it can get complicated to a point where the organization no longer retains a clear idea of where they must draw the line, in order to not overstep any established boundaries.  Over the years, this truth about compliance has spelled numerous problems for the companies, and it has only gotten worse in a market that is becoming more competitive every day. Many organizations have tried to navigate the tricky routes of compliance by appointing dedicated compliance officers, but that doesn’t looks to be sphere’s future. Instead of sticking with this somewhat manual approach, the compliance sphere is turning to what every other sphere considers to be the future. Yes, you guessed it right, it is technology. The growing number of companies has resulted in regulatory bodies introducing newer and stricter rules, which sometimes create a ‘walking on the eggshells’-like circumstances for the organization. Hence, the new objective is to find comprehensive solutions that not only achieve operational efficiency, but also cater to regulatory and compliance requirements. As of now, there is no better answer than technology to get to that point.

We are witnessing a mounting trend of technology being roped in to tackle government, risk, and compliance obligations, and a latest step in that direction is encouraged by VigiTrust, an award-winning provider Integrated Risk Management SaaS solutions. The company has just unveiled an advanced version of its VigiOne Cybersecurity Compliance platform that is specifically designed to assist the core operations of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). There have been long conversations about equipping MSSPs with capabilities to fulfill cybersecurity compliance duties of the organizations; however the initial attempts to do it have been far from successful. Time and again, this approach has struggled to keep up with the evolving nature of regulatory policies, but VigiTrust looks poised to deliver the much needed breakthrough.

Through VigiOne Cybersecurity Compliance platform, the company is able to present their customers with top-notch services at a reasonable price. The platform is devised to facilitate the creation of cybersecurity compliance programs that cover an array of areas like NIST, PCI, DSS, HIPPAA, and a lot more. VigiOne platform also allows automated project management, task assignment, status tracking and alerting. The product’s other abilities such as putting-together reports and carrying out extensive dashboard reviews for successful audits further bolster its value. With the help of a transparent pricing model and real-time compliance scoring, VigiOne has all the tools it needs to become the centerpiece of the compliance stratosphere.

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