Pathlock Announces a Three-Company Merger and a $200 Million Capital Raise; Plans to Improve Governance of Cloud and On-Premise Apps


Even though human beings are by far the smartest species this world has ever seen, we remain flawed from a lot of different standpoints. These flaws have showed up on the surface time and time again throughout our history, and on some occasions, the stated appearances have been purely devastating. Hence, to have a better defense mechanism under such situations, we would introduce dedicated regulatory bodies across the board. The move was a legitimate masterstroke, as it made us more organized than ever before. Nevertheless, the utopia was short-lived, and it was all because of technology. You see, with technology’s layered nature taking over the scene, the rule breakers suddenly had a prime shot at hiding their unscrupulous activities. Such a dynamic ended up causing us some serious problems over time, but fortunately enough, the wheels are moving once again. Instead of treating technology like a rival, the regulatory industry has made it an ally, and the benefits to emerge from that are now wholly evident. In fact, one recent merger should only bolster this reality even further.

Pathlock, the leading provider of access governance solutions for business applications, has officially announced a three-company merger, which saw it absorbing Appsian, the leading provider of ERP data security solutions, and Security Weaver, the leading provider of governance, risk and compliance management (GRCM) software for SAP. As a part of the whole arrangement, Pathlock also secured a raise worth $200 million. Led by Vertica Capital Partners, the raise will be dedicated towards the expansion of Pathlock’s Application Governance and Data Security capabilities To put it into simple words, the company is poised for delivering a system that is more unified, therefore making enforcement and management of GRC controls dramatically easier.

“The combined company from this series of mergers and acquisitions creates a first-of-its-kind, unified, 360-degree platform. Now, organizations can automate their controls across their business applications and mitigate risk in real-time. It is a simplified way for enterprises to protect their data in the face of digital transformation and the cloud era. I am honored to be leading the charge on this endeavor,” said Piyush Pandey, CEO of Pathlock.

Following the merger, Pathlock will now serve a clientele of around 1,200 customers across all major industries. Now, in order to support such an expansive customer base, you naturally need some additional help, so the company notably plans on doubling its employee count in the near future. Alongside the merger and raise, Pathlock also announced the acquisition of two foreign companies in CSI Tools and SAST Solutions.



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