Dissecting the Compliance Stigma

One great thing about humans is that we rarely resign ourselves to put up with something that doesn’t satisfy us. Instead, our solution-oriented mind remains wedded to the idea of looking for a better alternative, an alternative that answers a lot more questions than the existing setup tends to do. This trait of ours shows up in every imaginable thing that can be deemed as a part of our life, no matter how miniscule it might be. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this trait is probably why we constantly steered towards something like technology. After all, it’s pretty much a war-chest of answers. Just as we expected, with every upgrade, technology began to provide a rightful response to an increasing amount of complications we face in our daily life. One such complication it was tasked with carrying out was solving the conundrum of compliance. Compliance has long been considered as one complex affair. Different type of regulations at every step meant the companies would, more often than not, struggle to achieve the desired level of compliance. As an obvious repercussion of it, organizations across different sectors would have no option but to face penalties that they don’t quite understand. The uncertainty of it has alienated many businesses over the years, but it looks like the industry might be on the road to recovery. With the introduction of many new technologies, the complications that have hindered compliance for a while now are slowly fading away, leaving enough space for a new phase to flourish. One organization that is leading this renaissance is OCTO Telematics.

OCTO Telematics, as the name suggests, has made telematics the centerpiece of their bid to simplify compliance. The company has invested heavily in integrated management systems that are designed as per the international standards around information security. In the light of raging data breaches and system infiltrations, authorities have amped up the security requirements. However, a greater amount of security checkpoints also fuels complexity that we often relate with compliance, and this has given OCTO an opening for letting in a unique approach. By preaching an integrated methodology, OCTO Telematics secures your system in a rather neat way. The company does so by their in-house certified Information Security Management System (ISMS). OCTO’s security management system ensures that the setup is dedicated to deal with threats that are exclusive to your operations, thus offering a more personal experience.

Apart from that, OCTO is well-known for providing comprehensive solutions that are open to be managed collectively, bringing different systems across the board in line with a common goal. As if that’s not enough, OCTO allows you to audit your systems in the most hassle-free manner, which also includes remote auditing.

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