Cyberspace Freefall Goes on

One of the greatest tools in our arsenal is our ability to mould everything in a way that it fits the purpose we want it to serve. This has enabled us to use our milestone achievements productively, thus keeping that push towards further growth alive. With a view to create an assortment of innovations that eventually become the breeding ground for something even better, we have reached upon a stage where our primary functions fall along the lines of a production chain. Our relentless desire to uncover the next step and observe what kind of benefits it brings has formed a sense of momentum for us, and this very momentum is now leading us into an era brimming with possibilities that don’t conform to any specified number. A factor that played a major role in the making of this momentum is technology.

As soon as it arrived on the scene, technology opened up our options drastically. Suddenly, the opportunities were facing us rather than vice versa. The scenario was unlike anything the world has ever seen, and it would be safe to say that this incredible commodity has delivered fairly on its initial promise. Now, we live in a world that has no dearth of tools to cater your every possible need, but this has been achieved at a hefty price.

Along with the expanded technological reach, we have also received a ton of problems. A big one from the pack has to be the sacrifice of our privacy. This particular issue has started numerous debates, and it looks set to start one more after concerning reports emerged regarding popular platform, Discord.

As per a research, there has been a surge in Discord-related malware detections. The numbers claim that the cases have jumped by a jawdropping 140%, if compared to last year. The dominant component in these detections has been the abuse of Discord’s CDN and API. The platform’s CDN is being maliciously used to host malware. On the other hand, hackers are leveraging Discord’s API to withdraw personal data of the users and ensure smooth function of hacker command-and-control channels. Earlier this year in April, it was reported that over 9,500 dangerous URLs were hosted on Discord. Still facing no real resistance, the number went on to clock 17,000. It was revealed the far-reaching impact of the malware also puts non-Discord users at risk.

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