A Controversial Comeback

As sophisticated as the human thought process has become over the recent past, our relationship with a bit of controversy has remained very much in place. This relationship has made its presence felt in a diverse set of ways, fanning debates left, right, and center. However, the most apparent example of it, at least for now, has been technology. When the Covid 19 pandemic turned up and settled across the world, everyone’s tone while talking about technology was one of relief that had some degree of optimism. After all, it looked to be the only silver lining in this extraordinary disaster that had the world feeling trapped from all sides, but that sense of optimism quickly faded away. As the world went into stringent lockdown, companies were forced to rework their operations; hence working from home became a part of the new normal. With a sudden increase in reliance on technology for every little inter-company interaction, the activity within the digital sphere clocked an astronomical level. While this can be viewed as an optimal use of resources we have created for ourselves, it also set us up for a whole another crisis.

America’s cybersecurity crisis left an already wounded country ravaged to a point from where the road to recovery seems to be a long one. With its resources depleted and infrastructure damaged, the country has an enormous challenge in front of it. The undertaking of measures has begun, but the latest one sees the experts fraternity divided.

It was recently announced that the researchers are planning to bring a controversial weapon back into the picture. PunkSpider is poised to become a part of country’s response to the cyberattacks. The tool helps in identifying back-end issues within websites, hence alerting the companies about where reinforcements might be needed. It does so by continuously crawling the web. Nevertheless, the reason why PunkSpider’s reboot is being met with a sting of doubt is, because as per the specialists, there is a very good chance that hackers can take over the tool and exploit the vulnerabilities before the company has a chance to act.

However, the creator of PunkSpider, QOMPLX, has assured that their re-engineered tool brings an element of constant supervision, something that’s been the need of the hour. With real-time distributed computing and enhanced security, PunkSpider returns to the scene carrying greater amount of promise.

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