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Amidst what looks like a full-fledged cybersecurity crisis, US looks poised to instigate a bold move, which is highly focused on creating sustainable foundations for the future of country’s core elements. Recently, Biden Administration announced the creation of an Artificial Intelligence task force. The core purpose of this task force is to establish an access channel into the government’s data tank. This collected data will then be passed to the AI researchers, who in turn will be using it to stitch together data-centric modules that will largely concern spheres like education, business, and security. A major objective that will drive this task force ahead in a productive manner can be observed in its role as an advisory committee, which is bestowed with the responsibility of supervising the formation and implementation of National AI Research Resource (NAIRR). The idea of NAIRR is built on the vision of having a shared AI-driven research platform that will put forth the framework to access computers, top-notch quality data, educational tools of diverse nature, and a comprehensive user support system to guide the researchers and as well as science students.

The announcement regarding the AI task force was jointly made on Thursday by the White House of Science and technology Policy (OSTP) and National Science Foundation (NSF). During the announcement, the officials gave a real sneak peek into what the taskforce will be all about:

“The task force will provide recommendations for establishing and sustaining the NAIRR, including technical capabilities, governance, administration, and assessment, as well as requirements for security, privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties,” the White House officials said.

Biden administration has set the deadline for this newly-formed task force to submit a tentative report, which must cover every aspect of the strategy that the task force will be proposing to implement methodologies for achieving the said objectives, at May 2022. The official report must be delivered later that year by the month of November.

While the government’s bid to enhance transparency and open the horizons for fresh innovations is being appreciated across the board, some security experts pointed out the danger that releasing this sort of data might bring. Nonetheless, with meticulously designed privacy protection policies in place, this concept can become a real game-changer.

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