Widening the View


Human beings actually have many things they can take great pride in. After all, when you look at all what we have achieved so far, it becomes pretty clear that we are on our own trajectory. Having raced past every other species already, we have now dedicated ourselves to breaking records, which we only set in the first place. Such a dynamic, as you would expect, is guiding us towards some unbelievable achievements, but what it’s repeatedly failing to fix is our inability in regards to covering every yard of our spectrum. You see, despite our unprecedented intelligence, human beings remain quite limited in the way they view and assess different factors. This limitation has popped up on the surface time and time again over the years, except its most dangerous appearance still revolves largely around situations where the consequences are setup to have a far-reaching impact. Fully recognizing the risk in play here, the world has established certain regulatory bodies across the board. These bodies are responsible for ensuring order within all major areas, and in hindsight, we can safely say that they have done so successfully. However, the positive results shouldn’t take away the attention from every challenge they had to face, with the biggest one, of course, appearing as technology. Nothing has troubled our regulatory industry more than technology. The creation has seemingly birthed a whole new problem by introducing cybercriminals, who can disrupt your life in the most ingenious manner. If anything, the last two years have done a lot to validate this fact. Fortunately, though, it looks like a big response is finally on the cards, as we see a fresh regulator entering the fray.

US Department of Homeland Security has officially created a new governing body called Cyber Safety Review Board (CSRB), which is designed to focus solely on investigating major cybersecurity events. Slated to have 15 members on the table, the board will pull senior officials from organizations like NSA, FBI, CISA, Department of Justice, and Department of Defense. Beyond that, it will also have private sector representation through executives from companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Verizon. Even though it has only started out, CSRB is expected to hit the ground running. This is because, as a by-product of the executive order signed by President Biden to improve nation’s cybersecurity, the board is mandated to extend recommendations within 90 days following its christening. To get off to a meaningful start, CSRB has an important topic on the agenda, and it is the vulnerabilities associated with Log4j library.

“The Biden-Harris administration has taken bold steps to meaningfully improve our cybersecurity resilience,” said Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas. “At the president’s direction, DHS is establishing the Cyber Safety Review Board to thoroughly assess past events, ask the hard questions, and drive improvements across the private and public sectors.”

Due to deliver the first report in summer 2022, the board will be covering all the relevant information in regards to Log4j vulnerability assessment, threat activity and known impact, and every action taken thus far to curb the risk.



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