Verimatrix and Harmonic collaborate to enable SaaS-speed streaming content protection


Harmonic is one of the first partners to integrate its cloud platform with Verimatrix StreamkeeperSM, according to the leader in enabling the contemporary connected world with people-centered security, Verimatrix (Euronext Paris: VMX) (Paris: VMX), which was founded in 2008.

The Streamkeeper Multi-DRM platform allows video service providers to securely stream with content security delivered from a highly scalable and globally redundant platform, cutting down the time it takes to deploy streaming video services from months to minutes and reaching the largest number of consumers devices.

The Streamkeeper Multi-DRM solution is created from the ground up with a painstaking focus on delivering studio-recognized best practices for content protection. On its whole, Streamkeeper is a collection of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that go above and beyond DRM to help video service providers manage revenue risk in an environment where threats from video piracy are constantly evolving. It has features like Multi-DRM, a real-time performance dashboard, on-call support integrations and warnings, individual device risk scoring, anti-piracy countermeasures, and much more. It is offered in several tiers.

Customers will enjoy next-generation secure video streaming thanks to the integration of Verimatrix Streamkeeper and Harmonic’s VOSTM360 cloud platform, which harnesses the combined strength of two highly regarded industry leaders.

End-to-end video cloud processes are easy to launch and maintain thanks to the Harmonic VOS360 platform. The VOS360 platform integrates market-leading state-of-the-art microservices, such as compression, packaging, origin, and SSAI, in a cohesive software solution for next-generation cloud-based streaming, capitalizing on the company’s expertise in video processing and delivery. Current and potential clients can take advantage of the combined advantages of security at scale with a quick launch for OTT deployments on the cloud by pre-integrating the VOS360 platform with Verimatrix Streamkeeper.



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