Turning a Corner

When we talk about the always-in-motion nature of governance, risk, and compliance industry, people think of what’s on the surface. Instead, we are referring to the very identity of this sphere that has taken many shapes over the years. Although you can argue that the aim hasn’t really changed, the ways to get there couldn’t be more different from the ones we started out with. A bigger part of this change is, of course, influenced by our own tendency to move on from something after a time, but some of it is also down to the emergence of needs which were just not there before. With growing number of companies revving up for market dominance, the regulators have had no option but to get creative with how they fulfill their tasks and what’s more creative than technology? So, that’s the path they picked. By integrating a variety of tech solutions into their day-to-day operations, these regulators created a robust governance system that was strong enough to keep an eye across the sectors. There were certainly many bumps on this road. Some even threatened the future of RegTech altogether, but fortunately, the innovation never stopped. As a result of it, we are now entering a new era of regulation & compliance that is far more refined than anything we have witnessed in this sector before. The latest push to make this transition worthwhile comes from the leading governance, risk, and compliance advisor, ACA Group.

ACA Group has secured the acquisition of Catelas, a machine learning-based eComms surveillance and investigation platform. There are a lot of reasons why this move can prove to be a critical one for the industry. ACA RegTech platform, ComplianceAlpha already boasts an unparalleled reputation when it comes to automated surveillance, so Catelas’ addition to the picture makes things even better. To put it into context, Catelas’ patented technology is well-equipped to study people behaviors for the purpose of assessing risk levels, thus adding a dynamic to ACA’s portfolio that shores up their platform’s prospects. The blending of these two technologies is expected to provide clients with an enhanced sense of control packaged together with trade and eComms surveillance capabilities to navigate through risks like wall crossing, bribery, and more.

“Electronic communications surveillance is critical to compliance and is becoming increasingly complex as firms move to Microsoft Teams, WeChat, Slack, Zoom, and other virtual communications tools. Globally, firms are at risk if they are not diligent about tracking and surveillance activity alongside personal and firm investments,” said Eddie Cogan, founder of Catelas and ACA Group Partner.

With a widened radius, ComplianceAlpha has every tool on the plate now to become a defining piece for regulation & compliance, as the industry prepares itself to turn a corner.

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