Turn compliance into governance excellence with Speeki Certifications

By Scott Lane, Founder and CEO, Speeki

In the past, organisational challenges have been framed in singular compliance focuses, such as anti-corruption, bribery, anti-trust, codes of conduct, privacy, third party management, and harassment or discrimination. However, this approach is long outdated.

A company’s organisational culture is the implicit social order of its business, shaping the behaviours, beliefs and attitudes of its employees and stakeholders in powerful and enduring ways. Governance can make or break a business, either cultivating an organisation’s capacity to thrive with inclusive, fair and motivational cultures, or shattering confidence internally and trust externally with corrupt and unjust practices.

The challenges and business environments of the new workplace call for more holistic solutions. Compliance needs to focus on more than just legality; it needs to focus on upholding shared values of ethics, equality, diversity, inclusion, sustainability and transparency – values that attract, retain, motivate and appeal to internal talent and external partners alike.

Speeki Certifications is our framework for change for the new workplace. We offer formal ESG assessments and verifications that allow you to diagnose, confirm and strengthen your organisation for governance-related challenges within your business.

ESG risk areas currently covered by Speeki

To set the standards for governance excellence, Speeki Certifications provides the tools for businesses to ensure governance with integrity within their company and among all of their stakeholders, managing key risks across ESG (including anti-bribery, compliance systems, governance and whistleblower systems). Our commitment is to help and enable organisations to confirm their duty to best practice by enabling them to confirm their compliance with defined requirements from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

With Speeki Certifications, you are able to certify key ESG risk areas against a respected standard, such as the internationally-recognised ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems certification. Detect and prevent issues, gain new customers and retain existing clients.

Speeki has the experience, knowledge and expertise in governance-related challenges to assist you in the certification process and uncover valuable insights that further your company’s growth. We also audit programmes as a whole, or as part of your ESG programme. Our auditors are highly experienced – many are former in-house counsels and compliance officers who have comprehensively designed, implemented and maintained governance and compliance programmes.

Start to proactively turn risk into valuable opportunities, communicate your commitment to great governance, and create a more resilient business.


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