The Top 21 Security Predictions for 2021

When the subject of 2021 security predictions came up at a recent meeting of top cyberindustry executives, several leaders starting laughing. “Really? After we completely blew it last year?” said one chief strategist. “Wow! We’re not even out of the woods yet with COVID-19,” said a marketing expert. “How can we mention the post-pandemic world with credibility?”

“I doubt many cybersecurity companies will fully participate immediately Dan. numerous moving parts, industry disruptions, budget challenges, political issues, new tech unknowns and more. …” the various “bah humbug” thoughts and opinions shared about even attempting to seem at upcoming online cybertrends jogged my memory of this 2016 Computerworld editorial on the folly of cybersecurity predictions and my response in CSO Magazine explaining why we still have more security predictions and the way you’ll benefit.

But despite some naysayer forecasts assuming a scarcity of interest in security predictions for the approaching year, I can definitively announce another growth in new security industry predictions, forecasts and related trend reports (with new lists) for 2021. within the past two months I even have received a deluge of emails with interest from small, medium and enormous companies who want to urge on board the prediction/forecast train now. Many others are back for more.

Some cybersecurity findings which will impact next year require digging and Google searching. Nevertheless, there are more companies participating, with more interest, more forecasts, and bolder statements about future cybersecurity directions and our coming online life after the pandemic recedes.

Yes, we are seeing some new twists, as we do per annum . More companies are renaming these reports faraway from the normal “predictions” or “forecast.” White papers and reports are using words like “trends,” “findings,” “cyberissues,” “recommended solutions,” “actions required,” “themes” or other words that also point to their desire to explain what happened, what’s coming next and what must be done now to organize for 2021 and beyond.

A few companies, like McAfee, decided to carry off and issue their prediction reports in January, in order that they aren’t included. But regardless of which words are used, all of those organizations seek to be seen as “thought leaders” and/or trend-setters for brand spanking new , global cybersolutions and even crisis imperatives. Who’s right? Who should we hear after 2020? Where are the “true thought leaders?” you’ll got to decide, but without a doubt, these lists can help. I urge you to follow the links and dig much deeper into key topics.

Last week, I released my roundup of 2020 cybersecurity trends, which describes how COVID-19 brought a worldwide cyber pandemic. Shortly then year-end report was released, we learned about the huge scale of the SolarWinds breach, which even impacted the U.S. nuclear weapons agency. Therefore, the cyber pandemic was even broader and deeper than previously revealed — while the headline topic remains an equivalent.


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