The Merits of Partnering with an MSSP, to Bolster Cyber Security Posture

By Eleanor Barlow, Content Manager, SecurityHQ

MSSP stands for Managed Security Service Provider. A Managed Security Service Providers’ prime function to help spot and mitigate against cyber security attacks, reduce the threat surface, assist with disaster repair in the event of an attack, ensure that the client is legally compliant when it comes to their security posture, and to put in place the processes, people, and technology to protect the client’s critical data, people, and processes.

‘The right MSSP should improve business efficiency by saving you time, by utilising the right resources, and putting into action the services most appropriate for you. But, most importantly, an MSSP will support your foundations, so that your business can keep on building and growing, without the constant worry that your security will cause its collapse, both from inside and from external threats.’ – ‘Choosing Your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). 7 Steps to Consider

What is a SOC? And How Does It Fit Within an MSSP?

‘The SOC acts as a facility that stores the information used to monitor and analyse a network or business’s security posture. It is usually comprised of a team of analysts who detect, analyse, and respond to cyber threats, alerts, and incidents.’  – ‘The Advantages of Partnering with an MSSP or Building a SOC Internally’

A SOC usually lies at the heart of an MSSP. A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is managed by expert engineers and analysts, 24/7, every day of the year, to monitor and detect threats continuously. That way the SOC, and the analysts, support the client’s foundations, so that the user can focus on their business, instead of having to deal with the constant worry of sorting out complex cyber security processes, themselves.

Key Benefits That Come with Partnering with an MSSP

An MSSP should provide the following benefits at the core of their offerings.
It is worth using this list as a checklist, when comparing MSSP’s.

  1. Expert Analysts
    • Highly trained analysts dedicated to you.
    • Around the clock assistance.
    • Less expensive than hiring and retaining your own talent.
  1. 24/7 Service
    • Human support, not automated machines.
    • Full visibility of your threat surface.
    • Round-the-Clock monitoring, with instant alert to threats.
  1. Rapid Response
    • Hotline number always available to you.
    • App to contact directly, from anywhere.
    • Designated service delivery manager.
  1. Disaster Recovery
    • Plan for all instances put in place.
    • Remain secure from all sides and parties.
    • Business runs as usual, no matter the situation.
  1. Continual Support
    • Fast answers to security questions.
    • Respond to threats in lightning speed.
    • Ability to do your job, not the security.
  1. Proactive
    • The right updates put in place.
    • Proactive search for issues, before attacks are made.
    • Expert advice on processes.
  1. Partnership
    • Processes in place, as part of the package.
    • Save time tracking down separate providers.
    • Use the right tools, in the right way.
  1. Budgets in Place
    • Provide options to fit your needs.
    • Work alongside your own team.
    • Explore yearly planning and fixed pricing.


What Services Are Offered with an MSSP?

Depending on the MSSP Provider, there are multiple services available, that can be tailored to meet specific needs of a business.

What is MDR?

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is a service that provides businesses with threat hunting, to rapidly identify and limit the impact of security threats and risks with 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, and targeted response This service should be powered by real-time log analytics, with security orchestration, automation & response tooling for investigation, threat hunting and response.

This service combines technology with human analysis, where the customer has access to security experts, researchers, engineers, analysts, responsible for monitoring networks, responding to alerts, and analysing incidents.

According to GOV.Uk MDR can include the following features and benefits.

5 Potential Features of an MDR Service

  • 24/7 monitoring and identification of threat detection
  • SLA of 15-minute response for critical incidents
  • Threat Response – 24/7 threat containment and triaging
  • Incident Management & Analytics Platform
  • Weekly security operations meetings, led by Senior Analysts

5 Potential Benefits of an MDR Service

  • 24/7 Incident response by GCIH certified incident handlers.
  • Reduced Cost & Complexity & up/ downscale effortlessly.
  • Improved Speed of detection & response.
  • Bespoke packages & advanced modules.
  • Advanced Correlation & ML to detect complex threats

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is an essential tool when it comes to the cyber security of any business. Vulnerability Management works by continuously identifying, classifying, prioritising, remediation and mitigating vulnerabilities in software.

The purpose of this service is to view and act on all vulnerabilities across all your digital platforms, including internet, applications, systems, cloud, and hardware. Identify your weak points, monitor your online identity, verify issues, and remediate in rapid time.

According to Gov.UK, Vulnerability Management can include the following benefits and features to ensure that organisations accurately detect, classify, and contextualise vulnerabilities, with designed & prioritised remediation programs, for full-proof vulnerability & patch management, delivered 24/7 by certified analysts.


5 Key Features of Vulnerability Management

  • Continuous Governance Model
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports with granular statistical graphing
  • Business Intelligence Analytics & Visualisation
  • Access to Global SOC & SecurityHQ Labs
  • Flexible schedule to define ‘Patch Days’ as per your convenience.

5 Key Benefits of Vulnerability Management

  • Visibility to Stakeholders to understand cyber risks
  • Monthly Prioritised Remediation Reports.
  • Access to Labs and Threat Intel Advisories.
  • Auditable collaboration, precise and applicable synopsis reports
  • Dedicated Vulnerability Management Team, available 24/7.

These are just two of the many services designed to help businesses bolster their cyber security posture. For more information regarding other important services and their features, give ‘Must Have Managed Security Services’ a read.

Or, if you are experiencing a current security breach or possible incident and require immediate assistance, report an incident here.

Author – Eleanor Barlow, Content Manager, SecurityHQ-

Eleanor is an experienced named author and ghost writer, who specialises in researching and reporting on the latest in cyber security intelligence, developing trends and security insights.

As a skilled Content Manager, she is responsible for SecurityHQ’s content strategy. This includes generating and coordinating content for the latest articles, press releases, whitepapers, case studies, website copy, social accounts, newsletters, threat intelligence and more.

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