Stepping for Change


While the scale of digital advancements has been immense over the last few years, there has been something else on the rise as well, something a lot less pleasant. With increased reliance on digital realm, cybercrime is becoming a bigger concern every day. Hacking attacks are becoming a norm, and a string of strict actions is required to combat that. Some organizations are working tirelessly for this very cause, and to help them in their battle, few individuals from across UK and US have decided to raise money through a marathon. The marathon will look to raise funds for two organizations that have been fighting cybercrime and child abuse for quite a while now. The marathon has been given the name of Infostep 2021, and it will see a total of 25 volunteers from the Infostep Challenge group of cyber pros walk 19,000 miles over the next six months. The two organizations that will be essentially helped by this marathon are Innocent Lives Foundation and The Cyber Helpline. Innocent Lives Foundation works in collaboration with law enforcement agencies to track down sexual predators that target children online, while The Cyber Helpline remains committed to providing free confidential advice and support services to people who have fallen victim to cybercrime.

Another thing that Infostep volunteers would be looking to achieve is to make a humble financial contribution to the individuals who aspire to start a career in cybersecurity.

The foundations of this challenge were actually laid when Tom Quinn, group IT security services manager at National Express, set a personal post-lockdown goal to walk over 70,000 steps per week. Tom listed this goal on his LinkedIn profile, and through that many people started evincing their interest in getting involved. Slowly, what started as just a personal goal turned into a full-blown bid to raise money for people in need, and that’s what led to the inevitable birth of Infostep Challenge.

The folks driving Infostep Challenge have revealed that they are open to collaborate with new organizations within any capacity which the parties deem fit. The organizations can become a part of this historic event either through resource donation or funding as well.

Source for security: Infosecurity


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