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One of the many reasons why compliance is considered as complicated is due to a lack of proper knowledge about regulations, but that is easier said than done. The rules and regulations laid out by the authorities are usually too many in numbers, and their nature covers so many aspects that it gets hard to keep track. This is largely why today we are witnessing many organizations creating a whole new position of a Chief Compliance Officer on their team. The need to be guided in this regard has also never been bigger. With companies targeting globalization of their brand, it becomes trickier to stay in line with requirements of the relevant regulator. However, having a dedicated position for it is far from enough. To navigate the opaque waters of international compliance & risk management, the companies have formed a trend of combining human efforts with technology. Even though just few years ago technology was nowhere to be found in this industry, currently it has a role of utmost importance. A testimony of its significance is provided by the creation of a new market altogether that uses tech concepts to make compliance and risk management easy for you. The diverse set of solutions we have as a result of it are now making things like business expansion viable, and it might be about to become even better, as one of the leaders of this change has just gotten bigger than ever before.

Evidencity, a service provider that breaks the barrier of jurisdictions to bring you information and on-field knowledge that you need, has finally announced that it is going global. This decision comes after the company recently welcomed some fresh funding from Eagle Venture Fund. If we are to bring some context in here, Evidencity scaling up its operations means that the company is now in a position where they can control the information supply chain far more objectively, giving their clients a ceaseless inflow of quality information.

The reason why it’s good news for the entire industry is because Evidencity, in its journey so far, has paved the way for the methodologies that reduce compliance risk without wasting your time and money. Hence, there are reasons to be optimistic that the company’s presence on a global scale now will likely shape the industry’s reputation into something more reliable. Moving away from that fact, Evidencity might ultimately control the information supply, but it also makes you the in-charge of handing your own inflow of data. This collaborative atmosphere ensures minimum risk, enhanced compliance, and a neater setup.

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