Niagara Networks Bags Cyber Secured Award 2020

Niagara Networks a pioneer in the Open Visibility Platform—was recognized for bringing agility to security crews with an advanced deep network visibility and fast deployment tool. The company won a Cyber Secured 2020 Award for Enterprise Security for its breakthrough in bringing much-needed flexibility and agility to the security teams.

The company’s Open Visibility Platform enables fast and frictionless deployments of networking and security tools while offering an extensive network visibility. Niagara Networks Open Visibility Platform is featured on leading magazine websites and will also be recognized in Cyber Secured e-news from 1105 Media’s Infrastructure Solutions Group.

The Cyber Secured Awards honor outstanding product development achievements of suppliers and manufacturers whose products or services are considered particularly noteworthy in the transformation of cyber security. “Organizations need a way to more quickly and easily deploy the latest security technologies to maintain an edge on evolving techniques utilized by attackers while still ensuring the performance, availability and scalability of business-critical networks,” said Ben Askarinam, founder and chief executive officer, Niagara Networks. “We are proud to be recognized with the Cyber Secured Award for our Open Visibility Platform, which enables agile security deployments and opens up an entirely new dimension of agile operations and pervasive network visibility for security teams.”

The company’s Open Visibility Platform hosts security solutions directly on the Network Packet Broker appliance while enabling the appropriate, pre-processed, and decrypted network traffic to deliver comprehensive content visibility. The Open Visibility Platform brings critically needed agility with less threat of internal roadblocks. Designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley, the company’s products are serving as an open deployment hub.

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