Navigating Through the Compliance Woes like Never Before

For a species that has established itself as the smartest one in the world’s history, human beings come with a lot of flaws. While these flaws actually have a pivotal role in making us better over time, their presence can also cause significant unrest on certain occasions. This has been proven rather repeatedly throughout our history, therefore forcing us to look for a defensive mechanism against the said dynamic. To the world’s credit, it will find just the right answer once it brings dedicated regulatory bodies into the fold. You see, with a well-defined governing body in every imaginable area across the board, our spectrum suddenly looked safer than ever before. However, it was also pretty short-lived, and we get to say that only because of technology. With technology and its layered nature taking over the scene, certain people found themselves having a prime shot at exploiting others, and unfortunately enough, they made the most of it. Nevertheless, while that has certainly been the case, we also need to mention how, over the recent past, our regulatory has managed to reinvent the manner in which they look at technology. Instead of making an enemy out it, the governing bodies have befriended the ingenious creation. Of course, they are now reaping rewards for the same, and OneTrust’s latest move should keep that trend alive.

OneTrust, a privacy, security and governance services provider, has officially launched what is being touted as industry’s first ever trust intelligence platform. According to certain reports, the platform is designed for the purpose of combining teams, relevant data, and workflows across different programs like GRC, security, ethics, ESG, and more. By doing so, the platform will be able to deliver automated insights, and consequentially, make you optimally informed about all the compliance requirements. In other words, the platform simplifies the compliance laws, framework, and basically every change in the environment so to ensure you and your organization don’t get caught up in any sort of complexities that we usually associate with such stuff. Interestingly, the OneTrust intelligence platform comes at a time when factors such as fake news and general disinformation are dominating the world. This has led to a loss of trust among stakeholders, even triggering financial repercussions for many companies. However, the new platform solves the stated conundrum by providing a much-needed centralized view of all metrics, insights, and benchmarks, thus bolstering the transparency levels beyond every limit.

“Trust is the new gold standard for business, and leaders need a way to understand, measure, and manage trust. The Trust Intelligence Platform from OneTrust gives visibility, action, and automation across trust domains providing insights across privacy, risk, ethics, and ESG programs, so companies can build trust initiatives that are transparent and verifiable for their customers,” said Kabir Barday, Chief Executive Officer of OneTrust.

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