Making the Digital Experience Safer

As smart as human beings are known to be, they are not really known for being perfect. In fact, our flaws have popped up on the surface time and time again throughout the history, with their each appearance forcing us to find a well-defined defensive cover. We will, on our part, hit upon the stated cover once we bring dedicated regulatory bodies into the fold. Having a proper authority across all areas was a game-changer, considering it instantly compensated for many of our flaws. However, the utopia was pretty short-lived, and if we are being honest, it was all because of technology. Technology’s layered nature would go on to create such a reality that, before anyone could even realize, the rule breakers were getting an unprecedented shot at bending the rules, while having to face no consequences whatsoever for doing so. This, as you can guess, really did a lot in nullifying our progress under regulatory stewardship, but fortunately enough, it seems like we are already on a recovery curve. The same has been evident within various recent cases, and Twitch’s latest move joins that very list.

Twitch has officially decided to update its content policy, and as per certain reports, it will now explicitly cover self-harm. The new framework is expected to encourage people in terms sharing personal stories about self-harm, emotional problems, and suicide, but at the same time, they will remain prohibited from sharing them in graphic detail. The prohibition is essentially predicated upon a study that claimed how such mentions can trigger similar thoughts in other vulnerable people. Apart from having an eye on general types of self-harm, the platform will even take a more granular approach, and therefore ban content, which encourages stuff like unhealthy weight loss programs or tries to glorify common eating disorders. Interestingly enough, to ensure optimal implementation of the policy, Twitch also launched some new reporting tools that will help users in flagging any inappropriate content. However, the creators are still going to have the option to appeal.

The move comes right in the middle of a crucial phase for Big Tech companies. This whole clamping down on their questionable operations has left companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc with no option but to restructure the way they do everything. Over the recent past, we have already witnessed some huge names trying out new methods to present themselves as user-friendly platforms, but taking all the allegations against these companies into account, it might just end up taking a long time before they are able to take an easy breath.

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