Making Compliance Simpler

It’s barely a doubt that with the level of activity we have achieved over the last couple of decades, it becomes more than necessary to segregate these activities into different categories and govern them according to their nature. This idea hasn’t just popped up to gain control over these sectors, but also to make them neater in their function, so that the pathway to more productivity is as clear as it can get. The other benefit of these regulations is that they help in keeping things fair amongst competitors, thus leaving no option but to race ahead on merit. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the intention behind these regulations is one of encouraging greater good, in practical settings it sometimes becomes hard to stay in line with them. The array of measures you are obligated to undertake in order to comply with these regulations end up acting as obstacles for businesses in their pursuit to operate seamlessly. This, of course, begs a question of whether these regulatory bodies have deviated too far from the initial purpose of organizing the haystack, but business cannot stop and brood over this thought. What they look for is a way to maximize their growth while staying within the decreed premise, and MetricStream might just have provided them with the perfect tool to get there.

MetricStream, a seasoned veteran in integrated risk management and GRC, recently made a big step towards better compliance with their newly-launched software, Brazos. Brazos will help you with your compliance woes by keeping you constantly updated about regulatory changes in real-time through integrated intelligence, advanced IT, and cyber risk quantification. The software is also designed to provide suggestions along the way. These suggestions will be generated through an AI setup, which will take into account all the relevant factors, before delivering a final piece of information to guide you in vendor risk management. By using artificial intelligence as a centre piece for developing GRC solution package, Brazos and MetricStream has gone where others haven’t, at least not yet.

“The Brazos software release provides the businesses with the power to move from what’s now to what’s next – quantifying risks, staying ahead of constant regulatory changes, managing vendor risk with agility and ultimately, thriving on risk,’ says Bruce Dahlgren, CEO of MetricStream.

In a world that’s brimming with all sorts of risks and regulatory requirements, Brazos emerges as an anchor to steady the ship, letting the businesses do nothing but flourish.

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