Lumen Acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan for Boosting Enterprise Customer Web Application Security


Frost & Sullivan recognizes Lumen Technologies with the 2021 Global New Product Innovation Award for its Holistic Web Protection solution based on a recent analysis of the global holistic web protection market. The platform enables businesses to find as well as resolve various cybersecurity threats through networking, security, Edge computing, and collaboration. With a combined and distributed-denial-of-service mitigation (DDoS), web application firewall (WAF), and bot risk management (BRM) technologies to achieve optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

“Lumen has leveraged emerging data technologies through enhanced connectivity to secure application experiences with its comprehensive Holistic Web Protection solution. Since its rebranding from CenturyLink to Lumen, the corporate has doubled down on efforts to enhance the customer experience and leverages employee expertise to deliver a swift solution,” said MikitaHanets, Research Analyst. “The platform positions its customers to accumulate , analyze, and act on data efficiently to deliver secure application experiences.”

With a specialized technology and by integrating WAF, DDoS, and BRM solutions, Lumen streamlines precise and granular enterprise security defenses. These offerings from the company can help reduce false-positives while enabling higher detection rates for threats between automated and human web traffic. They also leverage multi-tier threat intelligence data, attackers’ behavior patterns, dynamic analytic engines, and machine learning intelligence for more accurate results related to threats. Lumen’s complete portfolio of WAF/web application and API protection solutions, integrated with DDoS mitigation, are tailored to customer needs.

“The company builds its core value around enhanced application delivery architecture to manage challenging, data-intensive workloads moving towards the cloud edge. Its rapid, agile, technology-powered solutions are expected to assist it thrive during a highly competitive market,” noted Steven Lopez, Best Practices Research Analyst. “Overall, Lumen has evolved into a technology company with unmatched developments thanks to its newly evolved web security platform and by embracing the shift towards customer-centricity.”


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