Limiting the Social Scope

There are many reasons that influence the way our world works.  While a good chunk of such reasons actively add value to our lives on a day-to-day basis, we also have a few that come packaged together with some serious detriment. The latter dynamic has disrupted our lives time and time again, eventually prompting us to introduce strict regulation across the board. It would go on become a game-changing decision, as suddenly everything looked far more organized than it had at any point of time before. However, this shouldn’t, in any way, paint a flawless picture. In fact, even with a setup so substantive, we’ll end up facing various challenges, the biggest one, of course, produced by technology. When technology arrived on the scene, it was pretty much like dealing with a new world altogether. The only difference happened to appear in the context of digital realm’s relatively higher opaqueness. Once it became a known trait, the rule breakers never looked back. Their unscrupulous activities were now safely hidden from the regulatory eye, but the scenario won’t remain unchanged for long. In fact, the evidence of a shift in power has grown increasingly solid over the recent times, and the by-products emerging from it seem poised to alter the way you use internet.

The people who downloaded Tumblr iOS’ latest version didn’t know what shock awaited them, but they’ll soon find out that the platform was now all in for censoring a long list of tags. It was a call driven entirely by the need to comply with Apple’s strict safety guidelines. Tumblr will later explain the decision, stating it had no option but to “extend the definition of what sensitive content is” to “remain available within Apple’s App Store.” Nevertheless, the consensus’ feeling is that the blogging platform might have gone a bit too far. For instance, harmless words like ‘girl’, ‘sad’, and even ‘about’ are no longer allowed to be used as tags. Interestingly enough, Tumblr also banned the word ‘submission’ which means users on iOS who receive a submission to their blog won’t be able to view it since the platform automatically generates the said tag when a post is submitted.

Tumblr’s relationship with Apple and the App Store is a complicated one. In 2018, the platform’s application was removed from the store after it was discovered hosting child pornography-related content.  Considering the integral role of tags in helping your content reach a wider audience, the overall Tumblr experience is naturally expected to take a huge hit, but if we go by the company’s words, it is already working on “additional features for a less restricted iOS app experience,”

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