Late to the Party

Human beings take enormous pride in their ability to read a situation and get the best out of it. This particular skill hasn’t just helped us around getting through challenges, but it has also opened up the space for us to grow. Now, while there is concrete evidence that justifies the said belief, we can’t just overlook the various lapses, which appear on our part every once in a while. We can’t take a more lenient approach here mainly because these lapses, at times, have proven to be hugely devastating. You see, throughout the history, humans have come in contact with some really negative forces, even picking up irreversible damage on certain occasions. Hence, to curb the risk in play, we would go on to set-up dedicated regulatory bodies all over the place. One direct benefit that came out of it was definitely a more organized human spectrum. However, since then, the regulatory industry has progressed towards bigger things, reshaping its purpose in the process. Today, these regulators are expected to bear a larger responsibility that involves taking proactive measures and entering the picture much before something goes wrong. As a part this newfound purpose, they have launched some diverse initiatives, with one from California state focusing on important environmental elements. When first launched, the said effort triggered a serious pushback from a specific party, but fortunately, that runner is set to go out of the window.

Automotive-giant, General Motors has finally agreed to recognize California’s own gas emission rules. The decision to do so will formalize company’s total U-turn, as it attempts to rehabilitate its image in the state. GM-California tussle started shortly after former President, Donald Trump shared his plans of eliminating the fuel economy standards. California straight up refused to acknowledge the decision, eventually leading Trump to file a lawsuit against the state. A lengthy legal battle ensued, and as it got messier each day, all automotive were forced into picking a side. GM will end up backing the wrong horse in Trump.

Following the takeover of Biden administration, the dynamics have completely changed. We are no longer mulling over whether we need fuel economy standards or not. Instead, the citizens are currently witnessing measures that further solidify such parameters, and all this has done a lot to make GM feel left out of the party. Nevertheless, even though it came a little late, the company’s epiphany still looks, by all means, a step in the right direction.

“GM is joining California in our fight for clean air and emission reduction as part of the company’s pursuit of a zero-emissions future,” said Gavin Newsome, California governor. “This agreement will help accelerate California’s nation-leading commitment to tackling the climate crisis. We welcome GM in our clean vehicle revolution.”

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