Identity and Access Management By: Michael Shew

By Michael Shew, Quality Assurance Manager / QMS & Safety Trainer / Social Media, Girard Equipment, Inc.

Identity and access management is a structure of business processes, policies, and technologies that enables the management of electronic or digital identities. Without these technical policies in control of user access to all salient information within any organization, a disaster can happen. For example, hackers can seize control of an employee’s identity and work from there to take control of the organizations’ entire computer system. Once the hacker is in, they can demand ransom money in return for handing the companies control of the system back over to management, the owner, or “IT,” depending on the size of the company.

How do you Stop a Potential Disaster from Happening?

One key factor is limiting employee access from using an external USB drive in the organizations’ computer system. However, an employee utilizing a personal USB drive can open pandora’s box, and below is why.

  1. Encrypting USB drives isn’t enough to secure them effectively.
  2. Booby-trapped USB drives can destroy your network.
  3. Disgruntled employees can steal data using USB drives.
  4. USB drives may not always be used for work purposes.

Restrict USB devices based on a target group or domain for more granular control over device access. For example, put a “NO” USB use policy in your employee handbook and have a sign-off page in agreement. USB device management is imperative to the endpoint and data security, and proper USB security management software keeps threats at bay.



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