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A business is made up with a range of components that must work in sync to achieve an optimal level of success. These components, even though required to interact with each other at times, are largely diverse in nature. Hence, meshing them together in a productive manner becomes somewhat tricky. If that’s not problematic enough, you are also obligated to make sure that the results of these interactions are being delivered in certain shapes and forms. This is the case due to a whole another component of business, which is complying with the imposed regulations. Regulations and compliance have had a role to play in business operations since forever now. Initially brought in create an ethical basis for different industries, the concept of regulating hasn’t quite panned out the way it was intended to do. The sheer lack of thoughtfulness in many of the presented rulebooks has continued to annoy industry leaders and beginners alike, and rightfully so. Over the years, many of these regulations have come to hurt operations by forcing companies to do something that’s really not a part of their specialties. All this mutiny amongst the organizations, however, now finally looks to be on a downwards trajectory. With the emergence of technology, a better understanding of certain measures is being developed, and the increased know-how is paving the way for better solutions. This guided approach is aiming to cater all the major areas of a business where some level of governance is required, and its latest milestone comes through a strategic partnership to develop pre-IPO solutions.

Donnelley Financial Solutions, a leading risk and compliance company has officially announced that it is joining forces with Diligent Corporation, a global leader in SaaS governance, to deliver cutting-edge pre-IPO solutions. Through this collaboration, the two companies are aiming to bring an assortment of top-brass finance and governance tools to the table that will steer you through every step of IPO and SPAC preparations. As these procedures are generally loaded with governance and regulatory complications, DFIN and Diligent have shared their intention to simplify things by providing comprehensive solutions, thus creating a clear and practical roadmap. In a more specific sense, the tools they’ll be delivering are expected to be great help in areas like creating a board structure, financial reporting, D&O and SEC filing, and SOX compliance.

The reason why this partnership makes perfect sense is because of how the companies’ strong suits complement each other. DFIN’s excellence in financial reporting and SEC filings fits in like a glove with Diligent’s experience in governance and board leadership.

When asked about their two cents on this new association, here is what both the companies had to say:

“Partnering with DFIN and leveraging their financial and regulatory expertise will help our clients develop the systems they’ll need for the future, while ensuring that compliance requirements are met,” said Brian Stafford, the CEO of Diligent.

“Working with Diligent to deliver a purpose-built, cost-effective solution that focuses on mitigating compliance risks before IPO, enables us to provide greater value for our clients,” said Craig Clay, the President of Global Capital Markets at DFIN.

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