Blocking the Super-Team

At this point, human beings’ commitment to growth is well-known around the block. Our progressive mindset does everything to tell what we have been all about since the very beginning, but one thing that remains fascinating is the consistency with which we have managed to move forward. Despite some missteps here and there, we have continued to aim for bigger and better things, and that alone gets to be the reason behind some of our greatest experiences. Unfortunately, this habit is also responsible for some really big problems. You see, the human determination to reach a higher peak is almost unbeatable, and sometimes, such a thing prompts us to forget the wider picture. Too focused on our goal, we fail to consider the interests of the communities around us, thus setting the world up for hugely negative ramifications. In a bid to curb the said situations, we have gone for close regulation throughout the spectrum. This has enabled us big time in terms of leveling out the field. Nevertheless, even with the established regulations, we continue to witness companies indulging in activities that carry epic detriment for the masses. An occurrence of such nature recently paved its way into the aviation industry, and if not handled well, it can potentially alter the aviation landscape for worse.

American Airlines and JetBlue Airways have requested Department of Justice to dismiss a lawsuit, which accused both the companies of violating U.S. antitrust laws through a collaboration officially recognized as Northeast Partnership. Filed earlier in September, the lawsuit claims that this collaboration can cause sensational harm on the industry by reducing competition, inflating the price, and lowering the service quality. However, if we look at investigations into the partnership so far, there haven’t been any of the said suggestions; hence the companies now look for complete dismissal of the lawsuit.

“The NEA has been underway for nine months, yet Plaintiffs do not allege that it has caused a single higher price, any reduction in quality or the slightest reduction in output,” the airlines wrote in their plea to DOJ.

Northeast Partnership is specifically structured to help American Airlines and JetBlue Airway in better competing against the likes of United Airlines and Delta Air Lines that boast as sizeable stronghold within the region. It will do so by allowing both airlines to sell each other’s flights to and from the Northeast U.S., therefore also covering high-traffic airports in Boston and New York City.

Ever since the partnership was announced in 2020, it has been a talking point amongst state and national regulatory bodies. The compelling details in play eventually encouraged six U.S. states to file a lawsuit in the federal court of Massachusetts.

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