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The birth of technology has opened floodgates of all the things we can do and achieve without putting ourselves through the trenches from a physical perspective. If you had thought that the technology’s fate was to just remain as a luxury in our lives, it’s hard to blame you and million others who had a similar thought process on this topic. No one could have predicted that it will end up becoming something of a powerhouse with endless potential. When this realization did strike, it became clear that this thing was too good to just be utilized for a few selective elements. It had to be a necessity. Once this ingenious creation found itself given an integral stature in our lives, things really took off.

All of a sudden cyberspace was the hottest property around. Everyone wanted a piece of it. From using it for leisure to internalizing its features within your business corporation, the craze of cyberspace started to dominate all the components of our lives. However, during this phase of excitement, we failed to notice the significance of all the cyberspace’s shortcomings that we unknowingly signed up for. Now, these shortcomings have popped up big-time in the form of a cybersecurity crisis that has sent the entire country of US reeling from its effects, and we have another casualty added to the victim’s list.

As per a revelation made by the fashion brand, Guess, they were hit by a ransomware attack earlier this year in February. The attack resulted in data of 1,300 people getting compromised. While in their statement Guess specified the aforementioned number, their breach notification filing indicated that the victim count could be greater than that. If reports are to be believed, then information like account numbers, debit and credit numbers, related security codes, access codes, and personal identification number was stolen. A notable element of the emerging reports has been the links to the DarkSide, a threat actor group that attacked Colonial pipeline. Guess stated that the leak was discovered during a forensic examination of the attack, where it also became known that no customer data was compromised. Instead, the victims included company’s employees and contractors, who are now being offered free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services.

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