2021 Security Predictions

Cyber security prediction in 2021
2020 has caused tons of change in every one of our lives. Who would’ve imagined watching our favourite sports teams on TV and stadiums without spectators, or the one-year postponement of the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games? But isn’t it nice that some things don’t change, like our annual exercise of predicting what cybersecurity challenges we expect in 2021 and beyond?
With all the uncertainty that 2020 presented us, nobody knows with 100 per cent certainty what is going to happen. However, we will be reasonably certain about our predictions based upon the changes to Infosecurity brought upon us by the pandemic and other events of 2020 and therefore the way it’ll likely shape 2021. First and foremost, in our thoughts are the impacts of vastly increased remote working and digital transformation that have both been accelerated by the pandemic and therefore the difficulty of in-person gatherings. So, with these events in mind, our team of cybersecurity experts gathered (virtually of course) to debate and formulate their list of 2021 cybersecurity predictions. This team consisted of Dean Coclin, Avesta Hojjati, Tim Hollebeek, Mike Nelson and Brian Trzupek.


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