Sift: Tackling Digital Fraud and Disputes in the New Normal

Marc Olesen

President & CEO

"Protecting businesses from fraud while reducing customer friction is the foundation of a Digital Trust & Safety strategy"

Detecting bot versus human conduct isn’t enough to put an end to ATO. Complex scripts and human-driven assaults can defeat rules-based bot detection systems. Bot defense based on rules only prevents one sort of ATO attack. Sift’s industry-leading, custom ATO machine learning model identifies real-time threats at the point of login with over 100 indicators. Sift is the industry leader in digital trust and safety, enabling businesses of all sizes to unleash income without risk. Sift eliminates fraud with industry-leading technology and experience, an unequaled global data network, and a dedication to long-term customer partnerships. Sift assists firms such as Twitter, Airbnb, and Twilio in remaining competitive and secure.

Sift’s technologies and community are powered by a diverse set of data. To provide end-to-end solutions for their customers, Sift collaborates with industry leaders. It’s simple: when Sift can leverage diversity in ideas, experience, data, and background, they make better business judgments. Sift is aiming to establish a team that reflects the global clients they serve, one that includes people from all walks of life who can bring their whole selves to work every day, so that Sift can win as a team.

With an array of products and solutions for fraudulent management, users’ accounts are better protected with two-factor authentication and security notifications from Sift. Only a small fraction of users, however, will enable 2FA by default. Furthermore, security notifications allow an organization to monitor for ATO assaults on a large scale without causing friction at the login point. To optimize security while minimizing friction for low-risk logins, Account Defense offers Sift Verification, a free email 2FA, and a security notification tool. Sift puts control to decide how much dynamic friction an organization wants to impose upon login. To issue a security notification, put a session on a watch list, or send a 2FA, it is easy to use Sift Score. Validating logins becomes much more difficult when fraudsters acquire access to a victim’s inbox—sending a confirmation email too quickly might provide bad actors an opportunity to hide their traces. Sift Notifications will have a new delayed-send option that allows fraud fighters to postpone delivering trust and safety alerts to users, increasing the chances of a response.

For each organization or sector, Sift identifies a wide spectrum of payment fraud. Their real-time machine learning supports automatic judgments that prevent fraud and keep Sift ahead of developing trends. Spend less time on manual review and improve the effectiveness of the team with Sift. Sift offers a comprehensive case management, automation, and reporting platform to help an organization achieve its business objectives. Increase the revenue by approving more payments. Insult Monitor is a first-of-its-kind function that helps firms uncover and optimize acceptance rates, and Sift’s accuracy implies fewer false positives overall. 

Keyless, a pioneer in password less and multi-factor authentication, was recently acquired by Sift. Keyless ‘zero-knowledge’ encryption and privacy-preserving biometric authentication technologies prevent account takeover (ATO) fraud caused by weak or stolen passwords, phishing, and credential reuse by letting users log into websites and applications by just gazing into their device’s camera. Keyless’ technology complies with PSD2’s Strong Authentication Compliance criteria, is FIDO Certified, and assists online organizations in meeting GDPR obligations more simply. Keyless items will be available from Sift to regulated enterprises and internet retailers all across the world. “Protecting businesses from fraud while reducing customer friction is the foundation of a Digital Trust & Safety strategy,” says Marc Olesen, President & CEO of Sift. “Keyless has created a truly innovative product that provides better account security with less friction for users and meets the qualifications for regional regulations like PSD2. We’re so excited to bring the Keyless team to Sift and for our customers to benefit from their incredible technology and expertise. ” 

Today, Sift helps more than 34,000 sites and apps manage the delicate line between earning income and protecting their company as the pioneers of Digital Trust and Safety.