Presidio: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Bob Cagnazzi

President and CEO

“Presidio's decades of knowledge, fine-tuned techniques, and cutting-edge solutions have been battle-tested and adapted to a wide range of industry-specific requirements.”

Every sector has its own set of issues, and each firm within a vertical is distinct. Whatever the industry, one thing is constant: IT must now work as a business accelerator rather than a bottleneck or a blocker. Digital transformation is crucial for all businesses, but it may be complicated and perplexing. It’s no longer a surprise how Presidio’s technology propels the company forward. Presidio’s decades of knowledge, fine-tuned techniques, and cutting-edge solutions have been battle-tested and adapted to a wide range of industry-specific requirements. Presidio is a superior IT solutions provider that helps customers harness technology innovation and simplify IT complexity to transform their organizations and digitally maximize their IT investment returns. Their Digital Infrastructure, Cloud, and Security solutions let almost 7,000 middle market, business, and government clients benefit from new digital income streams, omnichannel customer experience models, and the rich data insights provided by interactions. Presidio offers a comprehensive life-cycle model of professional, managed, and continuing support services, including strategy, consulting design, and implementation.

Presidio is well-positioned to handle challenging challenges in any industry because they first address business issues, then create the appropriate technological solutions and change management strategies. Presidio’s open, integrated, and flexible design helps a company plan for future development and growth. Presidio’s trained and awarded team of solution architects, engineers, and developers has the breadth of knowledge to help businesses of all sizes tackle their most difficult technological difficulties. Whether a state or local government agency, a higher education institution, a K-12 school system, or a utility company, they all require a reliable partner to offer digital transformation and the relevant contract vehicles. Presidio is that associate. Presidio satisfies the demands of patients by providing superior results and experiences through ultra-secure, networked health systems, and apps. Presidio offers a wide range of healthcare-specific solutions.

Furthermore, the sector faces enormous IT issues due to the proliferation of new media channels paired with unprecedented customer expectations for on-demand, reliably supplied rich content. Presidio allows to future-proof the networks and apps. Ecommerce continues to replace brick-and-mortar stores rapidly. Presidio revolutionizes the business by integrating modern cloud applications, software-driven data centers, networking, and mobile commerce solutions to link retailers, marketplaces, customers, and suppliers. Industry 4.0 is here and should digitize the future of factories as soon as possible. They enable contemporary manufacturers to embrace emerging technologies and create a customer-centric omnichannel experience without sacrificing quality or security. Consumer desire for improved energy efficiency and self-service digital experiences directly conflicts with an aging infrastructure powered by IT. Presidio modernizes IT infrastructures for energy and utility companies to allow inherently safe digital transformation. Presidio supports thousands of transactions per second while maintaining security and providing real-time analytics. Presidio offers financial services firms the real-time scalability and data security they need to cut costs and comply with regulations.

Radial, an eCommerce solution provider, recently saw record demand for online shopping during the pandemic, prompting it to look for a flexible and adaptable cloud infrastructure to serve its customers. Radial hired Presidio to properly assess its current environment and migrate its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to Amazon Web Services (AWS) without affecting its clients’ service. However, the migration was on a tight schedule. It couldn’t afford to get mired down in a time-consuming right-sizing application study, mainly because a simultaneous effort to rebuild the VMware Horizon VDI environment was also necessary to meet the expected demand.

Presidio cuts through the clutter and establishes confidence in digital interactions across the whole IT stack, allowing employees to think larger and act quicker. They provide not only peace of mind but also the assurance to concentrate on efforts to promote innovation. Security should be viewed as enabling more workers, partners, and suppliers to operate more productively while also doing it more securely. Presidio is built on a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy based on this idea, allowing clients to succeed at scale. For more than 30 years, Presidio has provided solutions to the federal government. Their knowledgeable staff is familiar with the complexities of federal contracting and has a track record of delivering solutions on time and within budget. Presidio is committed to achieving a balance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Presidio’s President and CEO, Bob Cagnazzi, noted that offering services on the AWS Marketplace had aided his company’s exponential growth. “Professional services in AWS Marketplace make procurement more streamlined for our customers, saving hours per purchase, and enables us to serve our enterprise customers better as they deploy and manage their preferred software products from one central catalog, accompanied by our skilled engineering services,” Cagnazzi said.