PagerDuty: Build a digital nervous system with PagerDuty

Jennifer Tejada


“If you do the right thing for your customers and you do the right thing for your employees, all the rest will fall into place,” she says.

Think about the systems and processes your business uses daily. These systems are your company's nervous system. The key to sustaining your business is understanding where these systems are struggling and developing strategies to ensure your enterprise stays healthy and robust in the long term. PagerDuty is an operations performance platform that delivers visibility and actionable intelligence across the entire incident lifecycle. Teams rely on PagerDuty to support them in consistently providing their customers with the best possible digital experience in an always-on environment. The nerve center for a business's digital operations is PagerDuty. To respond to difficulties more quickly and prevent them in the future, detect challenges and opportunities in real-time and gather the appropriate individuals. Over 18,000 organizations rely on PagerDuty to help them continuously improve their digital operations so their teams can spend less time responding to events and more time planning for the future. These businesses range from Fortune 500 firms to digital innovators.

Over 10,000 small, mid-size, and business clients across the world, including Comcast, eHarmony, Slack, and Lululemon, are given the information to proactively respond to key interruptions for an excellent customer experience via their SaaS-based solution. PagerDuty was created to bring a fresh, cutting-edge approach to boosting corporate response and effectiveness. PagerDuty gives organizations the knowledge to proactively manage faults and events that may have an impact on customers throughout their IT infrastructure when brand reputation depends on customer satisfaction. How people purchase, sell, work, interact, learn, and even live is powered by digital services. Organizations have a chance to innovate and grow more effectively as a result of the rise of digital. However, managing digital services is a completely different world where every second counts.

Customers want perfection, and businesses have seconds—not hours—to fix digital issues, or else they risk losing a rising amount of money, customers, and productivity. By using PagerDuty Incident Response, customers can protect revenue and improve customer experiences by resolving critical incidents faster and preventing future occurrences. Bring major incident best practices to your organization with end-to-end incident response automation and friction-free post-mortems. The on-call management features of PagerDuty make it simple to divide up on-call duties across personnel. When implementing new services at scale, world-class enterprises employ PagerDuty as a DevOps best practice to ensure accountability and quality. Organizations can make sure the precise appropriate individuals are informed whenever a notification is sent thanks to PagerDuty's easy, customizable scheduling and escalations.

Turn runbook procedures into automated tasks and delegate them to stakeholders. This SaaS runbook automation platform is the easiest way to create self-service IT operations and integrate with other cloud and SaaS tools. Solutions offered by Pager Duty are Devops and Full-Service Ownership, which put more accountability and control in your hands.PagerDuty keeps track of linked code in production, using machine learning to filter out distracting noise and only draw in when you're required most. These automated capabilities rapidly and correctly deploy the appropriate people every time.

ingest warnings from monitoring tools, classify related alerts into incidents, and transmit just pertinent information to on-call staff via their preferred communication channel. By utilizing runbook automation and enlisting subject matter experts to determine underlying causes, issues may be assessed and resolved more quickly. To avoid problems in the future, learn from the past. To hasten future reactions, identify recurrent issues, and produce better code through continual learning, streamline post-mortems.

Jennifer Tejada is the CEO of PagerDuty. In a world that’s going digital fast, Tejada knows PagerDuty can appeal to a far wider array of customers by selling them a product they can understand.“If you do the right thing for your customers and you do the right thing for your employees, all the rest will fall into place,” she says. PagerDuty is located in San Francisco,California, the United States. PagerDuty has 16 investors, including Wellington Management and Andreessen Horowitz, and has raised $173.6 million.