Jscrambler: Experts in Online Data Exfiltration Threats and Pioneers in JavaScript Protection

Rui Ribeiro

Co-Founder and CEO

"Jscrambler is the leading source of JavaScript protection and application security innovation."

The necessity for safety develops as the digital era advances and serves us on a personal and professional level. When it comes to business, safety is crucial. JScrambler is a company that focuses on the creation of new solutions to prevent online and mobile apps and games from being stolen or reused, as well as safeguarding intellectual property from piracy and assisting in the enforcement of software licensing. Jscrambler is the leading source of JavaScript protection and application security innovation. With a mature and established technology, Jscrambler has been at the forefront of web security for almost a decade. The Code Integrity module of Jscrambler employs the most powerful JavaScript obfuscation techniques, as well as polymorphic behavior, code locks, self-defense capabilities, and threat detection. With these security layers in place, JavaScript applications become self-defensible and resistant to manipulation and reverse engineering, allowing organizations to protect intellectual property, enforce license agreements, and reduce data breach risk.

Client-side assaults such as DOM modification, supply chain hacks like Magecart, and customer hijacking are all visible in real time with Jscrambler's Webpage Integrity module. The Jscrambler dashboard shows accurate and actionable details about the injected code, allowing for quick responses. Webpage Integrity is an agentless solution that integrates simply into any SIEM. JavaScript applications are self-defensible and resistant to manipulation and reverse engineering, as well as enabling full insight into client-side assaults, including DOM tampering and online supply chain hacks. The solution’s powerful rules engine controls every single client-side dimension, including access to forms, cookies, local storage, or sensitive data, connections to external domains, DOM mutations, injection of fourth-party code, and much more. It also protects the user experience by mitigating any DOM tampering attack, such as pop-ups, price comparison tools, and other types of customer journey hijacking. The real-time observability feature enables to monitors the behavior of each of your website’s scripts in real-time, providing actionable security insights that can be readily converted into new rules.

In industries like finance, broadcasting, software development, e-commerce, and gaming, Jscrambler is trusted by the Fortune 500 and over 43,000 firms and people in 145 countries. Gartner's Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection and Gartner's Market Guide for In-App Protection both acknowledge them. We are at a critical turning point in web security. This year’s streak of high-profile software supply chain attacks has put everyone on guard against the massive damage inflicted when attackers breach critical applications of private and public organizations, "says Rui Ribeiro, Jscrambler co-founder and CEO." "We anticipated this trend years ago and are successfully delivering differentiated technology and expertise to solve client-side attacks, enabling us to win over demanding customers, from Fortune 500 companies and SMEs alike."

Jscrambler allows businesses to alter their JavaScript apps in order to hide the logic within the code. Furthermore, it enables the addition of code traps—controls that are added to the code to enforce restrictions such as requiring the code to run only in the correct domain or browser—and, finally, it makes the application self-defensive, a feature that allows the application to defend itself against tampering and reverse-engineering attacks. Jscrambler hopes that with this new version, it will be able to provide a solution that adds critical security to JavaScript.

According to the company, the new level of resiliency comes from making Jscrambler's code transformations more polymorphic—which means the protection engine will produce very different obfuscated versions with each build—and implementing new cutting-edge features to further cover up any sensitive logic and data contained in the code. A transition to a more app-centric platform was also an objective for this iteration, according to Jscrambler. They say that Jscrambler now allows developers to simply control the protection of their apps. As alternatives are selected, a new interface can show a near-instant preview of the resultant protected code, making it easier to grasp the particular consequence of each applied modification. Jscrambler will continue to be a disruptor, altering the application security landscape and providing a dependable client-side security solution for businesses and individuals. There are no excuses for disregarding the risks that are incurred when unprotected code is released, or for underestimating the necessity of monitoring what is going on the client side, as seen every day on the ever-expanding cyber-battlefield.