Intersec Worldwide: The Company that Lives and Breaths Security

Intersec Worldwide

Jeff Tutton

“We cross-train our personnel on different tools, technologies and solutions as well as identifying ISP, IOC, and zero-days for being proactive in managing those threats”

As hackers become advanced, businesses across the globe must align themselves with the right level of security and access control methods to safeguard their data. To make their security posture stronger, from machine learning to AI, there are also a variety of fancy buzzwords all-around businesses to identify and manage threats. Not just the tools are enough to deal with today’s threat landscape, there should also be sharing intelligence, knowledge, and data across the businesses to manage security activities effectively. Just like how Intersec Worldwide manages its client’s cybersecurity by offering compliance, incident response, real-time forensics, and remediation services.

What lies behind the company’s success is that it is built on a foundation of expertise, diligence, and responsiveness. “We cross-train our personnel on different tools, technologies and solutions as well as identifying ISP, IOC, and zero-days for being proactive in managing those threats,” explains Jeff Tutton, President, Intersec Worldwide. As a full-service cybersecurity firm, Intersec specializes in rapid-deployment incident response, compliance, and remediation. Unlike its competitors, the company takes a full-service approach to incident response providing robust solutions for the best security posture of the clients.

Intersec Worldwide’s advanced remediation techniques can get client operations back to normal as quickly as possible with host-based tools, remote monitoring, and rapid evidence analysis. The company’s proactive and sophisticated managed detection and response capability combine advanced attack detection and threat hunting with expert incident response and remediation. From the point Intersec’s team takes over a company’s security, they will continue to monitor the client environment, including the DNS communications, endpoint activity, and log analysis. “Whenever a threat data or attack info is found on a client, we ensure to use the same data to secure the rest of our clientele by applying remediation techniques,” adds Tutton.

Intersec’s team looks at data, evidence, and systems in real-time and not just “dead box” forensics when it comes to security and incident response. The team identifies what has happened and what is happening and enhances the client’s security posture. Based on the analytics of a customer, even before an incident, the team would be able to patch systems to make sure that clients are updated and secure. “This involves actively looking at customers on a near-real-time basis. We will take lessons learned from both our previous forensics data and bring that knowledge into Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for ensuring effective and proactive security,” says Tutton.

Since its inception, Intersec Worldwide has been creating an impact in the cyber forensic and incident remediation space. Today, the company has clients that are the most prominent merchants and Fortune 100 companies in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. Intersec maintains a positive atmosphere through helping companies maintain their security and protect the consumer information.

Over the years, Intersec has assisted a variety of clients with numerous success stories. In one specific instance, through assisting a new customer suffering from a ransomware attack, Intersec’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) team was able to anticipate the threat actors secondary attack.

Intersec was then able to utilize this reasonably fresh attack profile and prevent security incidents from happening around the other clientele. Intersec uses the same approach every time, using the previously known incidents to protect and ensure security among its vast client base. As a result, the companies can be much secure while reducing their risks to zero-day and such attacks.

Recently, the company has started working to step into to blockchain, crypto forensics, and crypto investigations. The company is also expanding to other markets and is building a security operations center overseas while training and accelerating its operations and performance.  “We can provide a larger footprint and a larger capability in multiple languages, areas, and time zones. As a security company with a close relationship with market leaders, we’re also quite partner-focused. We prefer working with the like-minded and collaborating with colleagues in the industry, whether it’s from a vendor perspective, or even some competitors. This way, we believe that we could provide services that will help and strengthen the community for a more secure and trouble-free future for the world that’s online,” concludes Tutton.