Incode Technologies: Enabling the Omni Channel Identity Experience

Jonathan Andresen

Senior Director of Marketing & Products

“With our Incode Omni identity platform we allow organizations, business and governments to build trust with end-users by removing friction and ensuring privacy at enterprise scale”

When it comes to government services, it’s important to consider a better experience for taxpayers, while aligning with local and national compliance requirements. Today, user identity is shifting beyond physical documents, passwords, PIN codes and duo-factor authentication to creating a seamless and frictionless digital experience. Bridging this gap between businesses, identity verification and compliance regulations is Incode Technologies, a company that enables a new generation of highly curated and personalized user digital services using an advanced identity verification platform called Incode Omni. This cutting-edge platform increases conversion rates and reduces fraud while maintaining strict privacy controls. “With our Incode Omni identity platform we allow organizations, business and governments to build trust with end-users by removing friction and ensuring privacy at enterprise scale,” begins Jonathan Andresen, Senior Director of Marketing& Products, Incode Technologies.

According to the Incode team, trust is a two-way street. For instance, from a user perspective, if the user prefers to share their data or biometrics, the user always prefers to make sure that it's going to be secure, private, and to a trusted entity where their personal data will secure. That’s a key reason why Incode focuses on privacy and data security to offer identity verification and authentication. The company’s solutions are not just designed for users but also businesses that require a seamless identity verification experience. Organizations prefer to make sure identities are properly verified with a single user account and not multiple versions of the same user, reducing fraud and de-risking the move to biometric identification approaches like facial recognition.

Incode Omni
Incode’s out-of-the-box identity management solution is Incode Omni, an innovative platform that offers a frictionless customer experience at every point of contact with a consistent level of security across multiple channels. The solution is highly customized at scale to fit an extremely wide variety of businesses and comes with over 70adaptable modules that can be tailored to particular customer segments at scale. Incode’s SDKs capture the best possible photograph of identity documents, recognize and classify the document, perform tests to confirm the authenticity, and obtain a score for the document presented. The solution also has a pre-built component that enables the automated capture of the selfie that takes milliseconds.

Incode Omni offers the ability to create identity flows in minutes. Admin users can also point and click to arrange the components necessary for any specific processes and requirements and publish the flows immediately.

Incode’s Omni platform enables users to have one identity that can be used in multiple different ways. For instance, while going for a trip, from booking the tickets to flight boarding and border control, a single identity can be used at multiple locations, ensuring a whole contactless frictionless experience. In fact, the solution simplifies the workflows across almost every industry.

Incode has a keen focus on ensuring data security for its clientele. “We don't actually store the customer information directly. We ping a database, hash it and encrypt it. This means, if it gets hacked, the attackers don't get anything out of the database.”

Custom-Developed Identity Management
Incode’s SDKs and APIs are built by developers, for developers. The company’s platform is developed with fast-track integration that helps to implement in just a few hours. Moreover, the company also offers comprehensive documentation that will enable businesses to easily create complex flows. “Because we're very customizable, integrations can be completed at scale. In fact, you can do it faster than existing market solutions that only provide a part of the identity stack, while we own the complete end-to-end technology that powers the platform, including the facial recognition algorithm. It only takes minutes to onboard with an app with less friction and a better experience,” states Andresen. “The best security is transparent, meaning security is in the background, invisible to the user, but allows the user to access the data and applications when and how they want using their choice of devices – laptops, desktops, iPhones, android devices or any type of tablets – no matter their quality or the quality of the data connection”.

Incode Omni was designed to protect privacy and conform to local regulations, ensuring that organizations can take full advantage of the lates digital technologies to up level the end-user experience while also reducing risk, fraud and overall data security. From a privacy perspective, Incode owns the complete security stack and doesn't outsource to a third party. Most identity verification solutions on the market today only own a part of the technology required to deliver identity verification, sending data to third-party platforms to complete the identity verification process. Because Incode owns the full technology stack, there is less risk that data can be compromised and so greater privacy assurance for the end-user. The company also have a technology called the passive liveness, one of the first passive liveness technology in the world to be certified by iBeta following the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard. The proprietary, fraud-proof, liveness detection technology is up to 50X faster than any other liveness solution in the market, which creates a better on-boarding and verification experience for the end-user.

While explaining the company’s value proposition, Andresen recalls an instance when Incode was recently deployed in a stadium. The solution Incode ID helps to verify large numbers of people in a short amount of time – tens of thousands. By introducing Incode ID into their events, venues are reducing the risk of violence, creating more connected experiences across the entire stadium and reducing entry wait times. Stadiums are a good use case for how the technology can help organizations use identity verification to improve the customer experience while making it more security, and at the same time reducing friction. The technology also demonstrates that there doesn’t need to be a trade-off between security, speed, and performance. The Incode ID solution can be used to match end-user identity, such as a national ID, driver’s licence or passport, with a particular individual ticket. As such, when the user arrives at the gaming event they can just scan the QR code and match it with their face – and walk right through and begin their gaming journey much faster. The end result is a more secure gaming event, with significantly less fraud and security challenges, and a much better experience for fans.

The Road to Innovation
Since opening its doors in 2015, Incode has been delivering identity verification solutions that stand out from the crowd. The company’s primary mission has been making sure that identity verification and management is as easy as it can be while adopting a customer-first approach. “We want to make sure that our customers never face those bottlenecks of security and speed when it comes to identity and security. That's the biggest risk from a compliance perspective and that’s what we are trying to resolve,” points out Andresen.

Today, Incode is also heavily investing in global sales and customer support teams, particularly in Europe, the Middle East and moving into Asia. Another interesting point is that the company has more than doubled staff in the last six months and expects to continue to expand aggressively around the world due to strong demand for its privacy-centric and scalable identity verification solution.