FTI Consulting: Global Business Advisory

Steven H. Gunby

President and Chief Executive Officer

“We at FTI Consulting aspire to create long-term, sustainable value through ESG-related initiatives for all stakeholders — our people, our clients, our shareholders, and our communities.”

Companies, counsel, and government regulatory bodies all want a reliable, unbiased, and skilled partner to assist them in managing and resolving issues. FTI Consulting is a worldwide business advising firm committed to helping enterprises with financial, legal, operational, political and regulatory, reputational, and transactional change management, risk mitigation, and dispute resolution. Across numerous industries and regions, FTI Advice delivers proactive and reactive services and solutions, as well as compliance consulting. Each practice is a leader in its field, with professionals known for their breadth of expertise and track record of making an impact. FTI Consulting provides a wide range of services to help customers across the business cycle, from proactive risk management to the capacity to adapt quickly to unforeseen events and changing environments.

At FTI Consulting, the team is committed to embracing, cultivating, and maintaining a culture of diversity, inclusion & belonging as it is fundamental to the company’s core values. In support of equality in the workplace, the company has agreed to a pact that includes the following goals: leadership & culture, equity & retention, and hiring & recruiting. Clients rely on FTI Consulting to assist them in gaining complete knowledge of the most difficult antitrust and anticompetitive conduct concerns, applying applicable economic theory to those challenges, and providing analysis based on factual and convincing empirical data. In and out of the courtroom and before regulatory authorities, FTI is frequently relied upon to communicate complicated topics and assessments in simple words for clients. Expectations for management performance have never been greater. Executives must give strategic vision, leadership, and tactical solutions that improve performance, create long-term value, and promote an excellent culture. Many of the world’s leading companies look to FTI Consulting for independent enterprise-wide transformation expertise in times of opportunity and change. FTI Consulting’s worldwide team of senior experts forms an industry-informed collaboration with the client, implementing best practices suited to the company and industry dynamics and concentrating on the unique problems and opportunities that affect performance.

All firms are vulnerable to cyber-related hazards in today’s increasingly linked digital environment. A cyber assault may cripple operations and permanently harm a company’s reputation if it is not adequately prepared. FTI Consulting, a global supplier of cyber, risk management, and investigation advice services, approaches the most complex cybersecurity concerns with an expert-led, intelligence-driven, strategic approach. FTI Consulting’s clients, who include the world’s largest multinational organizations and top law firms and represent every industry and sector, rely on the deep experience and bespoke, industry-focused solutions for cyber preparation, incident response, and sophisticated cyber investigations. “We at FTI Consulting aspire to create long-term, sustainable value through ESG-related initiatives for all stakeholders — our people, our clients, our shareholders, and our communities,” says Steven H. Gunby, President and Chief Executive Officer of FTI Consulting. “Though we recognize there is more work to do, we are inspired by the collective contributions by our colleagues across the globe this past year.”

The Global Risk & Investigations Practice (GRIP) of FTI Consulting helps aerospace and military firms better understand rivals, external and internal dangers, and complex political and social dynamics. FTI Consulting provides leaders with a detailed picture of motivations, objectives, and financial resources so they can devise clear-eyed tactics to protect and combat threats to the company’s bottom line. FTI networks in circles where danger agents operate, acquire human information quietly, and convey useable intelligence in real-time as seasoned investigators worldwide. FTI’s team combines this insight with publicly available data to develop strategies and actions that safeguard the company’s worth. They can break through the opaque public and private arenas that obstruct or delay the clients’ operations. FTI Consulting also tracks “black” money, destabilizing traditional markets and taints management in ways that endanger the company.

FTI Consulting’s agriculture experts have vast expertise supporting participants — ranging from small to medium local agribusinesses to major international corporations — in addressing global problems. They have a strong track record across various agricultural industries, from the farm gate to the end processors, and FTI understands the political and economic trends that affect the business. Such risks may negatively influence many aspects of a company, from financial performance to bribery and corruption to diversity and inclusion. FTI Consulting helps clients establish effective enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies and programs that identify and manage risks, assess risks versus benefits, and transform chances into opportunities for a safer future.