Evolve Security: The Next Generation Pentest Solution – Darwin Attack

Paul Petefish

Co-Founder & CEO

“Darwin attack works just like a social feed. As we're finding vulnerabilities, or escalating them in real time, we take a moment to record the exploitation of that vulnerability through a screen share with a voiceover narrative”

The Next Generation Pentest Solution – Darwin Attack

While developing and implementing various solutions and adopting digital transformation, it is common for bugs and vulnerabilities to appear. Unfortunately, these vulnerabilities are quite often exploited by hackers and the growing number of attackers. Though there are a variety of penetration testing solutions to identify vulnerable systems, businesses of all sizes are still facing challenges managing the growing number of cyber threats. Getting real and measurable results with the right expertise is what organizations really need, just like how Evolve Security—a dedicated security service provider—is helping organizations stay secure.

Under the leadership of Paul Petefish, Co-Founder and CEO of Evolve Security, the company is creating an impact in the penetration testing solution provider space with services ranging from cloud to application penetration testing. With more than two decades of cybersecurity experience, he is an industry leader, who is regularly sought out to provide insights on topics such as web application security, attack and penetration testing, cyber training, and solutions for filling the global cybersecurity talent gap.

Evolve Security is dedicated to improving the security posture of its clientele through managed offensive security, continuous penetration testing, vulnerability management, application and cloud security validation and incident response services. The company provides a full security project lifecycle, working with clients’ current technology stack, including on-prem and cloud technologies, helping to achieve security excellence and compliance. Evolve is also a pioneer in the cybersecurity training space through Evolve Academy, home to the #1 cybersecurity bootcamp in the world.

Evolve’s Powerful Pentesting Solution

One of the ways Evolve Security stands out from the cybersecurity services crowd is their innovative, real-time penetration testing platform—Darwin Attack. As a communication, collaboration, and remediation solutions platform, the platform infuses real-time communication and intelligence into the pentesting experience. When partnering with Evolve and utilizing Darwin Attack, businesses no longer need to rely on email communication, static reporting, and waiting for answers about the threats to the organizational environment.

With Darwin Attack, clients connect directly with Evolve team, including the actual pentesters, to stay up-to-date on the vulnerabilities and threats within an environment. Moreover, the company’s pen-testing team spends their time doing hands-on work and providing answers to client questions, not creating 1-way, static reports. This way, businesses reduce recovery time with real-time updates of findings and remediation insights from the experts. “Darwin Attack works just like a social feed. As we're finding vulnerabilities, or escalating them in real-time, we take a moment to record the exploitation of that vulnerability through a screen share with a voiceover narrative,” explains Petefish. “We then upload that video with all the vulnerability information to the Darwin Attack platform, where our customer is allowed to see that live exploitation in near real-time.”

Another Darwin value proposition is that it allows a Red-Team, Blue-Team scenario, also known as Purple teaming. This way, the customer’s team better understands their portals and security settings. As a result, nearly every security loophole can easily be detected and resolved.

Detect, Respond and Remediate

Evolve Security’s proven managed penetration services are comprehensive in scope and provide clear remediation steps, compliance direction, and peace of mind to secure and grow clients’ businesses. As networks, applications, and configurations are constantly changing, Evolve’s team uses unique automation and a manual red team approach to deliver realistic attack and penetration testing services

Further enhancing the security, Evolve’s a team also tests clients’ internal security teams and their ability to detect and respond to malicious activity and traffic in addition to full incident response guidance. Remediation validation testing is naturally included in the Evolve’s continuous testing approach, providing a comprehensive security solution to clientele. “We try to get our customers on a monthly or quarterly cycle of pentesting for issues on their perimeter or within their network,” says Petefish.

As web applications house sensitive data and are exposed to the internet 24 hours a day, Evolve’s application penetration testers are all current or former software developers. Unlike most traditional penetration testing solution providers in the marketplace, Evolve Security stays ahead with their cloud-based testing solutions as well. Delivering enhanced security operations, Evolve’s team has access to the people, processes, and technology that make up the application and environment to find technical and operational vulnerabilities while implementing multiple levels of testing. That testing includes automated vulnerability scanning full manual attack and penetration testing. Remediation validation testing is naturally included in the company’s continuous testing approach, ensuring that every client's requirement is met and providing confidence that all vulnerabilities are fixed. What adds value is Evolve Security’s commitment to delivering compliant and regulated offerings. Evolve’s methodology and approach meet the rigors of PCI and vendor risk management compliance.

An Innovative Approach to Security

At Evolve Security, the team believes value comes from a long-term relationship vs. short-term high-cost engagements that end with lengthy findings reports and no remediation. Whenever possible,they work with clients throughough their full security project lifecycle, working with the client’s current technology stack, including on-prem and cloud technologies, helping to achieve security excellence and compliance.

Furthermore, Evolve Academy’s bootcamp is dedicated to helping upskilers and reskillerslaunch their cybersecurity careers with immersive training and career support provided both during and after bootcamp. In fact, 94% of Evolve Security’s alumni are hired within 6 months of bootcamp completion. This dedicated program allows students togain real-world work experience as a security apprentice.

With a highly skilled team driven by expert management experienced in the information security industry for more than two decades, Evolve Security is dedicated to delivering real and measurable improvements to your company’s security posture. Today, Evolve Security’s ultimate goal is to be the leader in the penetration testing space and to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its customers. “We envision to be the brandthat everybody thinks about when it comes to pen-testing. That's ultimately where we're headed. In the long run, I foresee an automated pen-testing solution that doesn’t even need much of human interaction,” concludes Petefish.