CRANIUM: Mitigating the Risks in Privacy and Security

Patrik Ferwerda


“Cranium envisions a world in which every business not only manages personal data in an open, transparent, and trustworthy manner but also cultivates a culture that is resistant to data breaches and cyber-attacks.”

To become GDPR compliant, policies and processes need to be revised and implemented. CRANIUM aids a company in determining the personal data it holds and how it is currently maintained. Following this evaluation, CRANIUM designs a GDPR preparation strategy. At CRANIUM, they envision a world in which every trustworthy company is concerned about people's privacy and data. Furthermore, trustworthy businesses foster a culture and atmosphere that is resistant to security threats. IT technology is no longer adequate to protect a company from cyber-attacks. CRANIUM specializes in creating tailored programs to raise security awareness in various companies. They construct a global organization that hires, develops, and retains top consultants as well as top-notch products and services that offer real value to their customers by altering people's behavior.

CRANIUM provides both security and privacy solutions for a company. CRANIUM assists and educates a firm on how to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how to guard against cyber-attacks and other data breaches. CRANIUM delivers sophisticated end-to-end solutions on both tactical and operational levels and prepares the firm for GDPR by bridging the gap between IT, legal, and business. "GDPR in a Box" is a tool for all small and medium-sized businesses to assist them in protecting their customers' and workers' privacy. Cranium has observed that these businesses don't always have the proper people in place to deal with the GDPR's problems. However, instead of employing consultants or attorneys to assist them with such difficulties, small businesses tend to handle a lot of the work themselves. As a result, CRANIUM created the "GDPR in a Box." SMEs can do it themselves using the content of the box, based on their experience, tools, and a realistic and viable strategy. As a result, the "GDPR in a Box" is more than simply a series of templates; it's a well-balanced voyage of receiving complaints and preserving the privacy of individuals that is tailored to a company. It has the appropriate material and will lead a firm throughout the project.

In fact, security and cybersecurity are topics that extend beyond information technology alone. At Cranium, the team see security more as an organizational issue than an IT problem. The company’s team look at the central organizational processes together with the client to propose a broad strategy for classifying data, which includes the protection of (personal) data. Moreover the team is excited to help you raise awareness among employees of its clientele so that they know that they are the most relevant link in the security of the company. “CRANIUM helps to improve security awareness in your organisation and helps you mature in this area at your own pace.”

CRANIUM provides strategic and tactical privacy and security guidance. They establish long-term privacy and security solutions by screening an organization's business, legal, and IT departments on data processing activities and protection. Because cyber-attacks are a regular danger to businesses all over the world, having top-notch assistance and a committed adviser like CRANIUM is critical. That's why they hire security and privacy professionals that are qualified. CRANIUM will provide professional resources at all levels of competence to meet the company's demands. They can examine and oversee a wide range of projects owing to their connections with experts in ethical hacking, forensics, and IT implementation. CRANIUM ensures that the existing data processing operations comply with GDPR. On request, they provide certified technical data protection officers who are trained to apply GDPR standards in a variety of technological contexts.

Only nations considered "adequate" by the European Commission are allowed to send data internationally under the GDPR. There are a few alternative ways to conduct legal transfers if a country does not have a suitable decision. Personal Data Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) can be established by international firms themselves to ensure that personal data is handled properly. These rules must be approved by the relevant DPA. Standard contractual terms, in which controllers and processors negotiate and establish legally enforceable responsibilities for themselves to be GDPR compliant, are also available. Cranium can assist a company in developing a plan to become Privacy Shield compliant as well as drafting BCRs (basic contractual terms). They have experts that have worked with multinational corporations in a variety of sectors.

Cranium envisions a world in which every business not only manages personal data in an open, transparent, and trustworthy manner but also cultivates a culture that is resistant to data breaches and cyber-attacks.