Alacrinet: The Dedicated Cybersecurity Expert

Brian Bouchard

CEO and Co-Founder of Alacrinet

“We are a full-service cybersecurity consulting firm and utilize the analysts such as Forrester and Gartner to guide us in finding top notch security solutions. Our team of in-house engineers are experts in endpoint security and knows exactly how to implement and maintain your cybersecurity”

With all the work being done remotely today, there are more endpoints around businesses, leaving security at risk. Endpoints are easier to infiltrate, mostly because they lack the controlled security of the actual network itself. Under most circumstances, Endpoints are managed by the users, and in order for them to be completely secure, the operator has to make sure that all of the security measures are in place. Unless the endpoint users are tech-savvy, they’re likely not going to be implementing the same security measures as in a controlled office environment. Resolving such challenges is Alacrinet—a cybersecurity specialist. With modern endpoint management tools from Alacrinet, organizations and cybersecurity experts can identify vulnerabilities, detect and manage threats, apply patches, and maintain inventory from procurement to end of life. “We are a full-service cybersecurity consulting firm and utilize the analysts such as Forrester and Gartner to guide us in finding top-notch security solutions. Our team of in-house engineers are experts in endpoint security and know exactly how to implement and maintain your cybersecurity,” says Brian Bouchard, CEO, and Co-Founder of Alacrinet.

As a pioneer in cybersecurity and information technology, Alacrinet delivers cybersecurity solutions and services that meet the exact client requirements. From application security, data security, and network access control to identity and access management, Alacrinet covers all the cybersecurity requirements of an organization. 

How End-Point Security and Managed Threat Hunting Works

Alacrinet’s endpoint security comes with a broad portfolio that includes Cyber reason, SentinelOne, Crowdstrike, Microsoft, and CarbonBlack. Cybereason provides a comprehensive platform that combines EPP and EDR capabilities, along with a recently added XDR solution to deliver a context-rich analysis of malicious operations. Their operation-centric approach combines endpoint telemetry with behavior analytics to attacks on the endpoint, in the cloud, mobile devices, and network. Whereas SentinelOne’s advanced Singularity Platform, an AI-powered XDR, combines an EPP, EDR, and CWPP into a single agent. It continuously monitors file behavior to uncover stealth attacks and block and remediate threats that come through front-line defenses.

CrowdStrike is a pioneer in cloud-native endpoint protection, including next-generation anti-virus, endpoint detection, and response, and managed threat hunting. While Microsoft provides malware protection for business endpoints, Carbon Black is a comprehensive endpoint security solution. Its portfolio includes solutions for detection, protection, and response to cyber-attacks, and components are available on-premises or in the cloud. “So, all the different solutions in each of those categories of cybersecurity. We tailor the solution for every particular type of customer, and we do a lot of work to make sure that the solution fits correctly for the customer based on the technology they have in-house,” adds Bouchard.

What makes the Company Unique?

Alacrinet’s managed security services are one of a kind, with a highly dedicated team focused on knowing the latest threats, preventing vulnerabilities, and providing value. The company offers a range of service options to meet specific needs and address key elements of securing a client’s business environment. For some, that means full 24x7x365 monitoring, alerting, and response. For others, it’s taking care of administrative tasks and maintaining uptime. With an out-of-the-box Grey Box approach, Alacrinet provides clients a thorough analysis with automated scans to test the strength of their credentials and manual testing by experts. Moreover, the company assembles excellent technology to create and integrate customized solutions. Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, and Portal offer key solutions for IT infrastructure.

The Story of Inception and Innovation

The original vision of Alacrinet, as a hyper-client-focused cybersecurity consulting company, is stronger than ever nearly two decades after the formation of the business.  The name Alacrinet was conceived from the word alacrity, meaning ‘cheerful readiness.’  It’s the ethos of the work culture and why Alacrinet is trusted by the Fortune 1000 to solve their cybersecurity pain points.

Alacrinet laid its cornerstone around the 2000s when Bouchard left IBM to pursue his managed IT services dream. For the first 10 years, the company has been solely focused on system integration and grew over time. As the founder recalls, “we were focusing on all the other technology stacks that grew as the internet grew. We started with web application development and moved on to mobile application development and then to big data analytics.” Over time, Alacrinet evolved with its clients, and the company moved its focus to cybersecurity. The team realized that Alacrinet could create an impact in the cybersecurity space by delivering advanced security solutions and managed services. The idea that Alacrinet can leverage its technical expertise and client portfolio to help cybersecurity startups was revolutionary. Since then, the company has been on a mission to elevate cyber security and help secure every aspect of a client’s business environment by combining customer-focused consulting with deep technical knowledge and certifications. “We started focusing on cybersecurity by around 2011. From 2013 till now, we’ve been hyper-focused on cybersecurity and delivering the most innovative and powerful solution for our customers,” adds Bouchard.

Alacrinet has been hiring former black hat hackers and cybersecurity experts to improve customer security with a focus on delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. “Our former black hats, now turned white hat, have been convicted of cybercrimes in the past, typically, by the FBI or other government agencies,” he says. One of them is Hector Monsegur, formerly “Sabu”, now the Chief Research Officer at Alacrinet. Prior to this, Monsegur was caught by the FBI in 2013 for interrupting the banking industry. Today, Monsegur is the backbone of Alacrinet’s zero-day intelligence solutions. Besides consulting and security decision-making for customers, Monsegur plays a key role in finding relevant hacks and vulnerabilities coming out in real-time. “In addition, with Monsegur, we have a team of penetration testers. We’re not shy to bring in former black hats, turned white hats. Monsegur has been able to impress upon our customers about how important it is to have a strong security posture,” points Bouchard.

In early 2020, Alacrinet Consulting Services acquired Chamber’s Key, a boutique offensive cybersecurity research firm based out of Seattle, Washington. Mike Pena, former CEO of Chamber’s Key and now Vice President of Pentesting Services at Alacrinet, leads the newly established innovation lab that focuses on enhancing the security operations of its clients.  Today as businesses around the globe are greatly adopting next-generation cybersecurity solutions, Alacrinet has built a huge team of cybersecurity experts and ex-hackers committed to utilizing the most innovative and emerging technologies to solve the cybersecurity challenges out there. Alacrinet’s team modernizes and fortifies the existing cybersecurity landscape for organizations. “They appreciate our alacrity, our joyous promptitude to provide great service and great solutions.

In the same way, our penetration testing business is growing gangbusters with over 100% year over year growth our first 2 years. It has become the driver of our overall security business which now has grown 200% since we added the penetration testing division. So, our in-depth penetration testing business is driving every other part of our business, including the endpoint security business, the managed security services business, as well as the other growth segments of, Alacrinet,” explains Bouchard.

At a birds-eye view, Alacrinet is one of the dynamic and evolutionary companies that provides innovative cybersecurity solutions and services to customers looking for the best security posture possible.  The company’s team is delivering next generation solutions, and their strong portfolio is empowering them to secure all types of customer environments.