A-LIGN: Cybersecurity Compliance and Audit Services

Scott Price

Founder & CEO

"We don't want A-LIGN to just grow, we want A-LIGN to grow in the right way."

Small and medium-sized enterprises may find cybersecurity to be a frightening issue. In addition to the expense and technical knowledge necessary to implement adequate safeguards, ensuring that a company's data and security policies comply with industry requirements may be difficult. A-LIGN, a Tampa-based firm, seeks to fill that need. A-LIGN is a cybersecurity firm that conducts audits of small and medium-sized organizations to discover vulnerabilities in their systems and ensure that they satisfy the industry's basic data security criteria. A-LIGN collaborates with businesses to provide them with the different types of audits they require while minimizing downtime.

More than 2,500 worldwide enterprises trust A-LIGN as a technology-enabled security and compliance partner to manage cybersecurity threats. A-LIGN was established in 2009 to assist businesses in navigating the intricacies of cybersecurity and compliance by providing bespoke solutions that are tailored to each company's individual goals and objectives. The A-SCEND compliance management solution combines user-friendly software with years of multi-framework audit knowledge into a single SaaS application that guides a firm through the whole audit process, from preparedness to reporting. Scott Price, Founder and CEO at A-LIGN, says, "Cyber threats have only become more prevalent in recent years, and it's extremely rewarding to be on the front lines helping businesses to build more secure environments and to successfully meet their industries' unique compliance and cybersecurity challenges."

The A-LIGN HITRUST CSF is a comprehensive, modular, and certifiable security framework that is utilized by enterprises in a variety of sectors to efficiently handle regulatory compliance and risk management. HITRUST delivers a full, certifiable security and privacy standard by drawing on important pre-existing frameworks and engaging with enterprises to better understand their needs. Customers can have trust in the security of their data and personal information thanks to this standard. The A-OSEE, LIGN's OSCE, and OSCP Certified Penetration Testers will apply the most up-to-date cybersecurity techniques to ensure that the company's sensitive data is safe. Their skilled team uses automatic and manual methodologies to detect flaws in servers, end-user workstations, wireless networks, and web-based applications, as well as evaluate security awareness, human-layer controls, and physical facility controls. A-LIGN delivers trusted security compliance through a variety of services such as SOC assessments, ISO certifications, healthcare assessments, federal assessments, and cybersecurity.

The A-SCEND compliance management solution brings together user-friendly software and years of multi-framework audit experience into a single SaaS application designed to bring you through the entire audit experience – from readiness to report. Built by a team of auditing experts, and inspired by clients, A-SCEND platform is used during all audits to streamline the audit process by centralizing evidence collection, standardize compliance requests across multiple security frameworks, consolidate audits to minimize expenses and improve productivity and automate SOC 2 Readiness Assessment.

To ensure excellent quality throughout the audit lifecycle, from preparation to report, A-LIGN focuses on people and technology. Their basic principles show commitment to their clients, which is demonstrated in their enthusiasm, devotion, and outcomes. The SOC 2 Readiness Assessment from A-SCEND is meant to make a firm’s SOC 2 project easier by automating it so that the firm can assess the readiness before the audit begins. With the SaaS SOC 2 Readiness Assessment, a firm can not only save half the time it takes to get ready but can also get the help of professional SOC 2 auditors from the world's leading SOC 2 issuer. The independent cybersecurity audits and assessments performed by A-LIGN enable businesses to reassure their clients that sensitive data is secured and mission-critical activities are carried out safely. A-LIGN's success is due in large part to its customer-centric strategy, which involves partnering with clients and employing innovative technology to help them enhance security and achieve meaningful commercial goals.

A-LIGN's capacity to adapt during various challenges has fueled both operational and revenue growth. With its breadth and depth of knowledge, unique compliance management platform, A-SCEND, and years of expertise deployed across the compliance process, A-LIGN now serves over 2,500 worldwide enterprises, ensuring superior service to its clients. By being deliberate in their actions and adaptable in their approach, A-LIGN assists in solving the particular compliance and cybersecurity difficulties a firm may encounter. Price concludes, "We don't want A-LIGN to just grow, we want A-LIGN to grow in the right way."